somethinglessstupid asked:
Thank you for reblogging that person asking why we were making such a big deal about it, and I'm sorry they reblogged it from me. I could not stop thinking about how angry it made me after she did that. I don't know if she even watches the show!

You don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your fault! And you don’t have to thank me either, it puzzles me that anyone would have anything to say against what we’re doing.

And I didn’t touch upon this when I answered, but I don’t think “The Walking Dead is about loss, pain, and death,” like that person said.

Sure, there’s a lot of that going on because it’s an inherent part of the world they live in, but it’s also a part of our world (minus the walkers :P).

I believe The Walking Dead is a story about people. About them making it through together. About surviving, and finding a reason to live for. About not letting hope, and humanity vanish. About the rules of the world changing, and deciding whether they’re gonna let it change them.

I could go on forever because The Walking Dead is, at its core, a study of the human being, both in isolation and as part of a society. It’s because of this that we are so invested in the show, in what happens with these characters.

Andrea’s journey was about reaching the lowest of lows, and rising from the ashes; about overcoming ~loss, pain and death~, finding a way out of that darkness; finding something worth living for, something worth fighting for; about belonging, and not belonging. I was rooting for her, I’m still rooting for her, the sudden ending of that journey feels unfinished, unsatisfactory, and unfair; how could we not at least try to do something about it?

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