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As a writer, I propose an Andrea rewrite fanficathon.  TPTB gave us this character, TPTB took her away, but WE WON’T LET HER GO.  Make it a unified fanworks campaign to honor her as she was and how she should have stayed; how she really should have died. We can clearly do her better justice than the show did.

That’s a really sweet idea, even though it’s also extremely depressing to think that we need a rewrite, and damn true that a monkey could have written something better. No dying, though, pretty please!

I can’t write (I’m the cheesiest, it’s terrible!), so I like the idea of expanding the project to other types of fanwork.

I’ll start putting this together, if anyone has interesting ideas to share on the matter, or on anything else, please send or submit them!

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